Animals are a huge part of our family


We come across many abandoned animals on the street.  Once we catch them, we take them to the vet, have them treated for any ailments, spay or neuter them, and try to find them homes.


Each of our little ones have a story with an unfortunate beginning.  Our desire is to make sure the middle and ending are filled with the love and happiness each of them deserves.  We've never turned an animal away and keep the ones who are not adoptable with us.  (The Miniature Doberman Pincher shown in the video below is one of those special cases.  He was so badly abused that he is not fit for adoption.  As you can see, he's quite happy just the same.)  Please contact us if you're interested in coming to meet any of these wonderful family members.

Available for Adoption

Already Adopted!

Princess and sugar


Princess is a 7 pound, approximately 1 year old Maltese. Sugar is approximately 5 years old and 10 pounds.  Both are incredibly sweet and absolutely love attention. Princess and Sugar are best buddies and must be adopted together.



Bootsie loves to jump and play.  She was orphaned very early on, so she has been held and cuddled from the beginning.  She enjoys listening to music and often sits on the radio.